D'Vaughn Bell

D'Vaughn Bell

Marqui Management


Top Agency Award


The full coordination, monitoring and implementation of the events, lead to clearly defined goals and to overcoming negative actions.


Advanced research tactics combined with reporting metrics to engage, educate, and grow audiences in front of the brand / company or person.


Innovate and enhance underlying concepts and unique models of the desired idea, brand or application through research and experimentation.



D'Vaughn Bell is an entrepreneur, author, patriot, humanitarian, investment manager, fitness enthusiast, and businessman. D'Vaughn Bell, the CEO & Founder of Body By Bell, Global Currenciez, Marqui Management, and author of books like Invest Now or Suffer Later.

Featured in both Forbes and USA Today along with appearances on IBM, C&F Mag, Industry Week, Digital Journal, and other major news and media publishers across the country to encourage others to pursue their goals.

Mr. Bell has experience in personal training, consulting and finance and spends most of his time analyzing the markets and exploring specific areas for his clients. Bell uses his experience in modeling and as an extra in several short and feature films, to help his clients to get their message across. That apparent insight has earned his company a Top Agency Award for online marketing.

At 23 years old, he has been operating his businesses for over five years. From his first venture in elementary school, handing out his business cards at the merry go round, to his graduation from the elite Leadership Texas, to his scholarship fund, he has always looked for ways to improve and help others.

That’s sort of what I was aiming for when I started my scholarship. I called it the D’Vaughn Bell Scholarship, I believe knowledge is essential plus I wanted to help people.

by D'Vaughn Bell

An expert on millennials, freelancers and entrepreneurs who teach leadership and communication in today's growing workforce.

With ambitions in the fastest growing markets in the world, D'Vaughn is proud to build companies in the fitness, finance and consulting industries.

He continues to focus on helping others while growing his businesses, setting an excellent example for millennials seeking to start their own companies.